Leather blank book w/ latch (5 Choices)

The Witchy Cavern

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Leather blank book w/ latch - Hand tooled blank leather journal. Handmade - sizes vary slightly. Leather, handmade paper. 240 pages, latch closure. 5” x 7”, (made from goat leather). 

5 Choices include:

1. Embossed Ying Yang, and Celtic Knot work in corners.

2. Embossed Celtic Wolf and Moon.

3. Embossed with "Don't Worry Be Happy", and Celtic Knot work border.

4. Embossed Tree of Life along with two wolves at its base, and Celtic Knot work     accents.

5. Embossed skull and wings, and swords whose top holds a smaller versioned     skull, the outside front cover borders are embossed also.