Sage - OTHER NAME(S): Common Sage, Dalmatian Sage, Feuille de la Bergère, Garden Sage, Herbe Sacré, Meadow Sage, Salvia lavandulaefolia, Salvia officinalis, Sauge, Sauge Ananas, Sauge des Prairies, Sauge Divinatoire, Sauge Divine, Sauge Domestique, Sauge Officinale, Scarlet Sage, Spanish Sage, True Sage, Vraie Sauge.

Sage has many uses such as for medicine internally, can be used directly on skin for ailments and inhaled for asthma and aromatherapy. Sage is also used as a spice for food and a fragrance in bath & beauty products.

Burning Sage is one of the oldest and an most pure methods for cleansing your home, a person or people and your sacred spaces. When used properly is a must for many aspects in your life medically and spiritually.